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Bitcoin Stocks to Buy 2019 - Top Bitcoin Stocks 2019

Bitcoin Stocks 2019 - Bitcoin Stocks continue to drop in 2019 as Bitcoin trades down to the long term trendline around $3300.  The good news in early 2019 is Bitcoin has bounced twice off this trendline but we will soon need to see a rally and hold of $4,000.  Positive catalysts for Bitcoin in 2019 include an ETF, institutional money flow, higher usage of the lightning network, and some kind of debt crisis.  Bitcoin is gold 2.0 and the best bitcoin stock right now is Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC).  Below is a list of the top bitcoin stocks for 2019. 

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Bitcoin Stocks to Buy - Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) is the best bitocoin stock to buy in 2019 because it tracks the blockchain currency fairly well.  GBTC has been trading at a premium to actual Bitcoin prices and right now the dollar amount premium is very low.  For example, when the price of Bitcoin soared to a record high of $20,000, GBTC traded up into the $38's or almost a 100% premium to the price of Bitcoin.  In dollar terms, for every Bitcoin at $20,000, you were paying an extra $18,000 premium to own 1 bitcoin in GBTC.  Fast forward to 2019, with Bitcoin at $3400, you only have to pay a $600 premium per Bitcoin.  This is a huge deal and is why you want to be purchasing GBTC in 2019.

Best Bitcoin Stocks - Another bitcoin stock to watch in 2019 is NVIDIA (NVDA).  NVDA makes the chip that power a lot of the bitcoin mining machines and as the price of bitcoin dropped, so did NVDA.  NVDA is currently trading at $135 and I believe the stock can hit $170 over the next 12 months.  NVDA should do very well on the next cryptocurrency surge!

Other Bitcoin Stocks to Buy - Below is a list of additional bitcoin stocks to watch in 2019.

Net Element, Inc. (NETE) - NETE is another bitcoin stock to watch in 2019.  Net Element, Inc. (NASDAQ:NETE), a global technology and value-added solutions group that supports electronic payments acceptance in a multi-channel environment including point-of-sale (“POS”), e-commerce and mobile devices, announced in early 2019 that the launch of its multi-channel blockchain-powered payments application across multiple touch points including face-to-face via smart payment terminals and electronic commerce as well as via API.

NXT-ID (NXTD) - NXT-ID Inc (NASDAQ: NXTD) announced last year that its subsidiary FitPay and Cascade Financial Technology are jointly developing a platform allowing cryptocurrency holders to make purchases at millions of retail locations worldwide. (OSTK) - OSTK has dropped with the price of Bitcoin but the company began live trading of tZero in 2019.