Top Gold Stocks 2012 - Top Gold Stocks to Buy 2012

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Gold Stocks to Buy 2012 - 2012 Gold Stocks

Below is a list of my latest gold stock picks for 2012.  These Top 2012 Gold Stock Picks are my favorite stocks to buy and some of the stocks I will be trading personally.  The price of Gold is currently trading around 1750 as we head into 2012.  All predictions have the price of gold rising above 2000 in 2012 which is a very conservative estimate.  Due to the debt crisis we are facing all across the world, investing in gold is now a flight to safety and one of the best asset classes.  So will 2012 be the year where the gold bubble pops?  I doubt it!  As long we continue to print money, Gold prices will continue to go up.  I have listed some of the best gold stocks for 2012 below to help you out.

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Hot Gold Stocks 2012 - Stocks to Buy - Gold Stocks - Paramount Gold and Silver Corp (PZG) - Paramount Gold and Silver Corp. (PZG) recently made my top gold stocks for 2012 list because the stock has been trading in the low $2's in August 2011.  I like PZG stock due to It's San Miguel gold field located in Mexico.

Paramount Gold and Silver Corp., an exploration stage mining company, engages in the acquisition, exploration, and development of gold, silver, and precious metal properties in Mexico and the United States. The company holds 100% interest in the San Miguel project located in Chihuahua, Northern Mexico

Paramount Gold and Silver (PZG) own 100% of the San Miguel Project, located in the southwestern part of Chihuahua State, Mexico. The company's immense land holdings total 188,461 hectares (465,697 acres) in the Sierra Madre Occidental Gold and Silver Belt which has been the focus of intensive modern precious metals exploration since the late 1980's. This effort has resulted in the discovery of seven operating mines and a large number of high quality prospects, including San Miguel, making this region one of the fastest growing large-scale gold environments in the world.

San Miguel is located in the Guazapares Mining District, a historical silver and gold mining camp that has become an extraordinary new success story with the development of Coeur d'Alene`s Palmarejo deposit [Reserves 16,272Mtonnes with 90,521Koz Ag and 1,042Koz Au; M&I Resources 13,478Mtonnes with 41,072Koz Ag and 678Koz Au (12/09 Annual Report)]. PZG has been actively exploring and assembling its remarkable land position in the mining district since 2005. The installed and developing infrastructure in the area and Paramount's commanding land holdings permit us to execute on a core precept of our strategy: large scale geological environments close to existing production.

PZG is one of the best speculative gold stocks you can buy.  A good trade would be to buy PZG below $2.50 and sell it above $3.50.  This has worked several times in 2011 and should be golden again in 2012.  My price target for PZG in 2012 is $4.00 per share.

Best Gold Mining Stocks 2012 - Midway Gold Corp. (MDW) - Midway Gold Corp. (MDW) will continue to perform well in 2012 if the price of gold soars.  Midway Gold Corp. (MDW) was one of the best percentage % performing gold stocks in 2011 due to the rise in commodity.  MDW soared more than 175% in the first 8 months of 2011.  Watch this gold stock in 2012.

Midway Gold Corp. (Midway) is an exploration-stage company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and development of gold and silver mineral properties in North America. Its mineral properties are located in Nevada and Washington. The Midway, Spring Valley, Pan and Golden Eagle gold properties are exploratory stage projects and have identified gold mineralization and the Roberts Creek, Gold Rock and Burnt Canyon projects are earlier stage gold and silver exploration projects. Midway is focused on exploring and developing precious metal resources in stable mining areas. Midway’s principal properties are the Spring Valley, Midway and Pan gold and silver mineral properties located in Nevada and the Golden Eagle gold mineral property located in the Washington. Midway owns certain other mineral exploration properties located in Nevada.

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Top Gold Stocks 2012 - NovaGold Resources (NG) - NovaGold Resources (NG) is a good gold stock and an up and coming stock in 2012.  NG is stock Jim Cramer loves and a stock that is down over 25% in 2011. 

NovaGold Resources Inc. (NovaGold) is a precious metals company engaged in the exploration and development of mineral properties situated principally in Alaska, the United States of America and British Columbia, Canada. The Company conducts its operations through wholly owned subsidiaries, partnerships, limited liability companies and joint ventures. As of November 30, 2010, portfolio of projects includes 50% interests in two undeveloped gold and copper-gold projects, Donlin Creek and Galore Creek, and 100% of the Ambler copper-zinc-gold-silver deposit and other exploration-stage properties. The Company is primarily focused on gold properties, some of which also have copper, silver and zinc resources.

I think NovaGold Resources (NG) is a stock that could most likely rebound back in 2012.  I have a personal price target of $15 for 2012.

Gold ETF's 2012 - Gold Etf's offer great returns if you are on the right side of the trend.  Below is a list of long and short, bull and bear gold etf's to buy.

ProShares UltraShort Gold (GLL) - Gold Double Short ETF 2x - If you think the price of gold is going to go down, the GLL gold ETF will give you double the return.  The investment seeks to provide daily investment results (before fees and expenses) that correspond to twice (200%) the inverse (opposite) of the daily performance of gold bullion as measured by the U.S. Dollar p.m. fixing price for delivery in London.

ProShares Ultra Gold (UGL) - Gold Double Long ETF 2x - If you think the price of gold will rise, the UGL Gold ETF will also give you double daily return on investment.  The investment seeks to provide daily investment results (before fees and expenses) that correspond to twice (200%) the daily performance of gold bullion as measured by the U.S. Dollar p.m. fixing price for delivery in London  

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