Top Gold Stocks 2014 - Gold Stocks to Buy 2014

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Top Gold Stocks 2014 - Gold Stocks to Buy 2014

What Gold Stocks to buy in 2014?  Below is a list of the top gold stocks to buy in 2014.  These 2014 Gold Stock Picks are my favorite gold stocks to buy and some of the gold stocks I will be trading personally in 2014.  I want to buy gold stocks when they are breaking out instead of when they are dropping.  While Gold could rally back into the high $1200's, Gold is more likely to test $1200 per ounce again.  Gold has been in a downtrend for several years with no sign of a bottom.  If Gold ever retests $1000, Gold and Gold stocks become a strong buy.

Check out my top gold stocks in 2014 below.  Also, I started a list of gold penny stocks as well!

Top Gold Stocks 2014 - Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bull 3X Shares (NUGT) ($31) - NUGT is the top gold stock for 2014. If you are positive on the price of gold in 2014, NUGT is the gold stock you want to buy.  NUGT is a 3x triple long gold miners ETF.  When gold prices are on the rise, NUGT outperforms by a long shot.  However, when gold drops below $1300 per ounce, the miners' margins are squeezed which causes NUGT to drop hard.  NUGT is a strong buy when gold stabilizes and begins to rally.  I'm giving NUGT a 2014 price target of $45.  If you are positive on Gold in 2014, NUGT is the best gold stock to buy in 2014.

Best Gold Stocks 2014 - Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX) ($16.25) - ABX is a gold mining company that pays a 1.3% dividend yield.  If Gold has bottomed in 2014, ABX should rally back to $20 in 2014.  Barrick Gold Corporation engages in the production and sale of gold and copper. It is also involved in exploration and mine development activities. The company holds interests in the producing gold mines, which are concentrated in North America, South America, and Australia Pacific; producing copper mines located in Chile and Zambia; and a mine under construction is located in Saudi Arabia.

Gold Stocks to Buy 2014 - ProShares Ultra Gold (UGL) - If you are bullish on the price of gold in 2014 but don't want to play the miners, buy UGL.  UGL is a 2x leveraged bull gold ETF that rises twice the rate of gold.  If you think gold will drop in 2014, buy GLL which is a double short gold ETF.  Both UGL and GLL are very volatile so they make good gold day trading stocks.

Gold Penny Stocks - Here are the best gold penny stocks in 2014, these gold penny stocks are breaking out to the upside and are now a buy on large dips - Golden Minerals (AUMN) - Minco Gold (MGH) - Avino Silver & Gold (ASM)