Top 2011 Penny Stock Gainers - Best 2011 Penny Stocks

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2011 Best Performing Penny Stocks - Top Penny Stock Gainers
Want to find and track the Top Penny Stock Gainers in 2011?  Updated Daily, this list will keep you updated on the Hottest Penny Stocks of 2011.  We list the Best Penny Stocks trading on the Nasdaq, NYSE, and AMEX.  We do not list OTC and Pink Sheets Penny Stocks. 
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Top 2011 Penny Stock Gainers

Top 2011 Stock Gainers 

More 2011 Stock Picks

Looking for some penny stock picks for 2011 ??   Below is a list of some of the Top Penny Stocks I like in 2011.  This page will be used for the Top Penny Stock Gainers in 2011 once we actually enter 2011.  Until then, these stock picks are some of the best penny stocks to buy as we go into 2011.

#1 Top Penny Stock Pick 2011

USA Technologies Inc. (USAT) - USA Technologies, Inc. supplies cashless, remote management, reporting, and energy management solutions to the unattended point of sale market principally in the United States such as vending machines.  This company is set to really grow over the next few years and I think the stock price will follow.  USAT is currently trading at $1.28 and I think the stock can trade up to $2-$3 in 2011.  I am looking to buy pullbacks below $1.10.

#2. Top Penny Stock Pick 2011

Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ARNA) - Arena Pharmaceuticals is probably my best penny stock pick for 2011 but is the more risky, hence the #2 ranking.  You know the saying, high reward doesn't come without high reward.  ARNA stock has a number of huddles to clear in 2011 but if they can get a few things right, the stock could easily run from the current price ( $1.55 in November 2010 ) to $3-$5 in 2011.  Of course, ARNA can also go below $1.00 as well.

Arena has a weight-loss drug called Lorcaserin that was rejected by the FDA in 2010.  If Arena corrects the problems and resubmits the file to the FDA, we could have a buying the rumor stock surge that could really move things higher.  Arena also has a few other drugs in the pipelines that could be an added catalyst.  With the stock trading around $1.50, ARNA is worth a look.  The stock has resistance located at $1.93 as well as $2.15.  If ARNA stock breaks above $1.93 in 2011, I plan to buy for a trade.  ARNA is a speculative penny stock pick with a $2.50-5.00 price target in 2011.  The stock could also go to $0.75 so make sure you do your research and time your buying price right.


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