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Penny Stocks to Buy 2017 - Top Penny Stocks 2017

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Penny Stocks 2017 - Penny Stocks to me are stocks trading below $2.00 per share but most people think Penny Stocks are stocks that are trading below $1.00 or even lower.  There is a lot of risk in buying penny stocks for both the long and short term because they are a huge gamble.  A penny stock is a penny stock for a reason and chances are the company you are buying is in financial or legal trouble.  Thinking a stock that trades below $0.50 is a cheap stock is completely false.  It's important that you do your research and know the risks of penny stocks before you buy into the company.

I don't usually buy penny stocks but when I do, I have done extensive research and have only invested money I am willing to lose.  The fact of the matter is, new investors who begin trading stocks are attracted to penny stocks.  This goes back to the statement I made above about people thinking penny stocks are cheap.  Once again, this is the biggest myth in the stock market.  Penny stocks are penny stocks for a reason; I can't stress this enough.  Once in awhile, a penny stock will emerge into a stable company and that stock will begin to explode higher.

Last year, the top penny stock to buy was Golden Star Resources (GSS).  This penny stock exploded from $0.15 to over $1 from February to July.  The rest of the year, AXN was choppy and had it's ups and downs.  Golden Star Resources (GSS) would have been a very good penny stock to buy for a trade because of the volatility.  If you plan to invest in penny stocks, you want to buy penny stocks that are in an uptrend and use a tight stop loss order. Pay attention to the charts and key support and resistance levels.  Below is a list of the best penny stocks for 2017 that I see right now.  I will be updating this page through out the year.

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Penny Stocks to Buy 2017

Triangle Petroleum (TPLM) - My Best Penny Stock for 2017 is TPLM.  TPLM ranks the highest on my Best Penny Stocks list because I feel that oil will rise in a big way in 2017.  If this theory comes true, a lot of these junk penny stocks will see a comeback.  Triangle Petroleum is a exploration and production company and could see a big rebound if Oil hits $65-$70.  This penny stock used to be worth $11 per share when oil was over $100 per barrel.

Groupon (GRPN) - Groupon (GRPN) isn't quite a penny stock but I'm going to mention this stock as one of my top penny stocks 2017.  GRPN is currently trading around $3.70 and seems to have lost its way again.  I really like the chart and feel this could be one of the big comebacks stories of 2017.  If you are looking for a good penny stock for 2017, keep an eye on GRPN.  

SeaDrill Limited (
SDRL) - When looking for penny stocks to buy, I like to mention the latest penny stocks to see big upside and volume.  Right after the election and Trump became President, the shipping stocks and oil stocks exploded higher by have since come back down to earth.  SeaDrill (SDRL) skyrocketed from $2-$3.25 and is trading near that high, around $3.00.  If oil continues to rebound, look for SDRL to head towards $4-$5 per share in 2017.
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Other Penny Stocks to Watch 2017 - Heat Biologics, Inc. (HTBX), Neovasc Inc. (NVCN), General Cannabis Corp. (CANN), Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA), Frontier Communications (FTR), Yamana Gold Inc. (AUY), MannKind (MNKD)

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