Stocks to Short 2012 - 2012 Short Stocks - Best Stocks to Short 2012

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Top Short Stocks 2012 - Short Stock Picks 2012 - 2012 Stocks to Short

What stocks should I short in 2012?  This is a question that has been asked many times over the past six months.  Below is a list of my top short ideas for 2012 and some of the most expensive and bad stocks that are trading in 2012.  Keep in mind, shorting a stock requires a margin account and if you plan to hold over a long period of time, you will be charged interest to borrow the shares.  Shorting a stock only let's you make a 100% return while you can lose more than 100% if the stock you short goes against you and you fail to cover.  I will only short a stock if it breaks to a new 52 week low.  This trading method has been proven to work time after time.  Buy stocks that are hitting highs, short stocks that are hitting new lows.  Using this trading tactic can make you a boat load of money without holding a stock and risking your captial for a long period of time.  Let's face it, investing in the stock market is risky but can give you a better return than a bank. 

Looking for some short stock picks for 2012?   Below is a list of some of the Top Stocks I am looking to short in 2012.  The best time to short a bad stock is when it is breaking a previous low that held.

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Best Stocks to Short 2012 - Retail Stocks - Sears Holdings (SHLD) - My Top stock to short in 2012 is Sears (SHLD).  Sears (SHLD) is a short because the company is rapidly failing and competition is taking over.  JC Penney (JCP) seems to be doing well in this space.  Sears recently announced that they will be closing around 120 stores including K-Mart stores.  The stock is still expensive and is performing very bad in 2012.  In October 2011, SHLD stock hit $82.75 and has declined to $29 in 2012.  While I probably wouldn't pile on my shorts at this level, I'd short into any major rally.  If SHLD rebounds into the $40-$50 area, I'd short the stock again.

LinkedIn Corporation (LNKD) - LNKD is trading at $64 per share in 2012 which is 112 times projected 2012 earnings.....very expensive!

Cepheid (CPHD) - CPHD is trading at $34.65 per share in 2012 which is 85 times 2012 projected earnings (CRM) - CRM is trading at $101 per share in 2012 which is 67 times projected 2012 earnings

STAAR Surgical Company (STAA) - STAA is trading at $10.32 in 2012 which is 65 times projected 2012 earnings


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