Uranium Stocks - Uranium Stocks to Buy 2015

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Uranium Stocks - Top Uranium Stocks to Watch

Uranium stocks continue to be on the radar of investors in 2015.  From Uranium Penny Stocks to Regular Uranium Stocks, below is a list of some Top Uranium Stocks to do your research on.  Uranium is a radioactive metal that must be refined.  Uranium is used in Nuclear Power Plants as well as Armored Vehicles in the Military.  The Top Uranium Mining Countries in the World are Canada, Australia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Namibia, Niger, Uzbekistan, United States (U.S), Argentina, China.

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Uranium Stocks 2015

One of the top Uranium Stocks in 2015 is Centrus Energy Corp (LEU).  Centrus Energy Corp (LEU) was formerly known as USEC Inc. (USEC) but that company went bankrupt and then emerged into the new company.  LEU sells enriched Uranium to utility companies that operate nuclear power plants.  Centrus Energy Corp (LEU) seems like the best uranium stock to buy if you are looking for stocks to invest in 2015.  LEU is currently trading at $4 per share and can easily jump above $5.

Centrus Energy Corp. supplies low enriched uranium (LEU) for commercial nuclear power plants in the United States, Japan, and internationally. The company operates in two segments, LEU and Contract Services. Its LEU is a component in the production of nuclear fuel for reactors to produce electricity.

Uranium Stocks to Buy - Cameco Corporation (CCJ) - Looking for the best uranium stock as a pure play?  Cameco Corporation (CCJ) is one of the best nuclear stocks in the market because the company operates as a uranium producer, supplier of conversion services, and fuel manufacturer. The company’s Uranium segment is involved in the exploration for, mining, milling, purchase, and sale of uranium concentrate.

Shares of Cameco Corporation (CCJ) are trading at $15 in 2015 and are trading at a discount from last year.  If you are looking for a safer Uranium stock, CCJ is my Top Uranium Stock Pick for 2015.

Also check out the Top Lithium Stocks - If you like Uranium and Nuclear stocks, you will love Lithium because of what Tesla (TSLA) is building!

Uranium Mining Stocks - Uranium Penny Stocks

Below are the Top Lithium mining stocks in the stock market right now.  Most trade on the NASDAQ exchange and some are actually penny stocks.  Some trade on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

Denison Mines Corp (DNN)
Uranium Resources (URRE)
Uranium Energy (UEC)
Ur-Energy (URG)
Crosshair Exploration & Mining Corp (CXZ)


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